Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) : A Myriad of Researched Benefits

I have used low level laser to enhance patient care in my practice since 2008. 

It is safe effective and NEVER causes any negative side effects!

The most frequently asked question about laser is:


Well, let's explore that first, then I can tell you more about how we use it in the office!

Low level laser works down on the cellular level. Inside the cell are little energy factories called mitochondria. The mitochondria produce energy in the form of a compound called ATP. If a cell is injured or the mitochondria are damaged, they cannot produce enough ATP for the cell to effectively heal. The safe laser energy gives the mitochondria a natural boost to help it generate more energy (ATP.) The cell can then use that extra energy for healing. It does not matter what kind of cell we are talking about...a ligament cell, a muscle cell, a liver cell, a brain cell...they all have mitochondria that produce ATP and the laser works the same way on all of them!

Bottom Line:  The Laser Accelerates the Healing Process  :)

All of my lasers are manufactured in the USA, by the Erchonia Corporation, a family owned Florida company. Erchonia is the world leader in laser research. They hold 14 FDA certifications and are constantly working on more research for FDA approval.

The Deal with the FDA and Advertising: So legally I can only advertise treatment for what the FDA has approved the laser for, and the FDA, like the medical profession, is a symptom-driven entity. So I can only advertise neck pain relief for my little laser (PL5), and low back pain and foot pain relief specifically from plantar fasciitis for the big laser (FX 635). But understanding how low level laser works on a cellular level, we use it for a myriad of complaints in the office.

Here is a list of successes we have seen, but mind you, since I cannot claim to TREAT named conditions, I will have to be vague in my descriptions or paraphrase patient testimonials.

burning sensations in the feet

weakness and pain in the shoulder

ankle pain from twisting it

elbow pain in the tendon areas

raging, burning pain down the back of the legs

pain in the low back area

wounds that won't heal in older bed-ridden patients

pain or pressure in the head

slow knee healing after an operation

significant decrease in pain from a cracked rib

(see video posted here)

improved lab values for kidney and thyroid

Brain Lasering / Brain Club

Yes, I laser my brain multiple times a week with my big FX 635 laser. All of my laser patients receive a complementary brain treatment with whatever body part we are treating. (Clinically we find that the injured body part responds faster if we also laser the brain.) Researchers around the world are now looking to low level laser as the premier treatment modality for chronic degenerative brain diseases, acute injury from stroke or concussion and emotional brain issues like depression and PTSD. If LLLT does such a good job on damaged brains, imagine what it can do for a healthy brain!

At Next Level, I offer Brain Club. Members enjoy three LLLT brain treatments per week, plus a 25% discount on key brain supplements like fish oil and magnesium. Membership is only $275/month. (Single brain treatments: $50 each)

(Brain Club Members do not have to be chiropractic patients.)

COOL TRICKS I've learned with the laser:

Brain Balancing

We begin with an eyes closed, feet together sway test. if the patient sways right or left, this indicates a motor control imbalance in the patient's brain. Using the little laser, we can correct this allowing the patient to stand still with eyes closed.

If the patient sways backward or forward, a vestibular imbalance is present in the brain. Further analysis and correct laser usage stops that sway.

 While I do not claim to treat "vertigo", many patients, including my wonderful mom and my assistant Kathy, will attest to the effectiveness of this brain balancing technique laser for that debilitating condition!

Muscle Up-Regulation

Muscle testing reveals a weak muscle. This does not mean the patient has to go to the gym and work that one muscle to make it stronger. It simply means there is a disconnect between the brain and that muscle, so the muscle won't fire when we ask it to. Muscle testing reveals the disconnect in the circuit, and the laser energy re-establishes the connection. The result is seen immediately on a post-muscle test. This technique is not only super cool to experience, but functionally helpful to reduce pain by eliminating the need for another muscle to try to compensate for the sluggish one.

Fat Loss with the Zerona Z6 Low Level Laser

Yes, I have a third laser that is FDA approved for the reduction of body fat. It has its own corporation and its own website :)

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