Patients who are becoming exceedingly frustrated with the AMA's One-Size-Fits-All / We Must Follow The Protocols approach to "health"care are seeking other avenues. We are all realizing that the Road To Health is not paved with pharmaceuticals. The true Roads to Health, however, are well kept secrets, not popularized by mainstream media or heavily advertised on television, so we are just left to our own reading and research to learn what's out there and what is real vs. scam.

Years ago, Dr. Sweet realized that a chiropractic adjustment, while very powerful in its own right, was not going to help patients get off all of their medications. Maybe some, but certainly not all and not consistently for every patient. She began a study of Functional Medicine, a natural healthcare discipline that uses blood work and other diagnostic tests to find the CAUSE of the problem, then uses good diet, supplements and herbs to actually heal damaged organs and systems. Pharmaceuticals, as a whole, do not CORRECT problems. How many people do you know have gotten off medications without making their own lifestyle changes to do it? None. If you do not intervene and take control of your diet and lifestyle, you will take those meds the rest of your life, because they are not designed to FIX the problem. They are only designed to change the numbers, while the insidious side effects create more problems down the road and the cause of the original problem still exists.

Mainstream medicine is brilliant in orthopedics, emergency medicine and last ditch efforts to save someone's life. But they offer nothing in between health and sickness. it's really not's sick care, with everything they offer leading to more toxicity, sickness and side effects.

Restorative nutrition offers what we all really want...the opportunity to become healthier no matter our age or health status. It is a process and requires a commitment to better choices; therefore, while it offers everything we all want, it's not necessarily for everyone.

The work is very none other. It allows your body to reveal what organs/sysems/issues it needs help with; it allows your body to build the correct nutritional protocol without guesswork. This means you see real results and spend less money to become truly healthier. We use muscle response testing to "listen" to what your body has to share. You have to experience the work to understand the power it holds.

How Does It Work?

Why Restorative Nutrition?

Detoxification / Purification / Cleansing

Restorative Nutrition

When we become healthier and do not need pharmaceuticals for survival, we can spend our free time doing what we want to do, because we won't be filling our calendars with visits to our primary care just to be referred to a specialist, and then sent out for tests, then back for follow up appointments only to be told the test was negative, so now you have to schedule an appointment to run another test, and so on.  (That was a deliberate run-on sentence for effect.)

Patients need LESS chiropractic with a healthier body. Adjustments hold longer and patients maintain better muscular health. Many chronic chiropractic issues resolve quickly when basic nutritional deficiencies are addressed. Chronic inflammation creates a lot of pain and stiffness.

How does better digestion, saving your gallbladder and improving blood sugar handling sound?

We can support important endocrine (hormone) organs, like your thyroid, pituitary, adrenals and sex organs.

We can ramp up your immune system to ward off these awful cold and flu viruses that take people out for a few weeks. If a virus does get a hold of you, we can knock it out swiftly and naturally with supplements and herbals, so you don't miss out on work, family or fun.

We can address specific issues you may have as well.

Detox, Cleanse, Purify???

January is usually the month we all get back to "normal" eating habits or vow to improve them. It's the month where we want to emphatically say "No Thank You" to sweets, treats and confections...

  • But do you still find yourself craving sweets, breads, salty potato chips and maybe even alcohol?
  • Are you frustrated with your "lack of willpower" to stick to your diet?
  • Have you been hitting the gym hard, but the scale isn't changing? (GRRRRR!!)

t's NOT Your Fault!!

Well, let yourself off the hook. This is not about willpower. It's about the overgrowth of bad bugs (candida, parasites, bad bacteria, etc) in your gut (microbiome) that feed delightfully on sugar and anything that breaks down into simple sugars during digestion (like what is listed above.) SO... while you were living it up over the holidays or overindulging for special occasions, so were those bad bugs.

Now, you are trying to get off sugar, clean up your diet and you are essentially starving those bad bugs. Well, lo and behold, guess what they have the ability to do? They secrete chemicals that stimulate our brains to increase our CRAVINGS for sugars, carbs, etc.  NOT NICE!!

How Can This Be Corrected?

This is where detoxing/cleansing/purification come in to play. I list all three titles, because in my nutrition research, studies and classes over the years, doctors actually differentiate between the three, but usually agreeing that detoxification and purification are essentially the same process. Furthermore,  we tend to prefer the term "purification" due to the confusion the term "detoxification" can create when thinking of alcohol and drug detox programs.

Functional purification programs seek to improve health by up-regulating the function of various organs of elimination, ridding the body of excess toxic build -up and improving the microbiome. During Purification, you will likely experience better digestion (less gas, bloating, better bowel movements), better sleep, reduction in inflammation (leads to lowering of cholesterol and pain), increased energy levels and most patients do lose weight!

A Bit about Cleansing

Regarding the term "cleansing:" This is typically reserved to describe the off-the-shelf kits you buy at the health food stores. These cleanses utilize aggressive herbs that irritate the colon and sure enough, clean it out, unpleasantly, I might add. Patients are misled thinking they are detoxing, but that is not the case as colon cleanses ONLY address the colon and typically do not include any follow-up guidance or education. I do not recommend these kits.

Health food stores also offer many cheap options for liver detox, but because most of these kits only support Phase I liver detoxification and ignore Phase II, unpleasant symptoms of detoxification, called Herxheimer's reactions, can be pretty intense. You may feel like they have the flu, no energy, increased joint soreness, etc.  (How helpful is that?? You'd have to call in sick, so your cheap kit just got REALLY expensive!)

Options for Safe, Effective Purification and Cleansing

There are many options for purification and cleansing. We will review these together and make a decision that will fit your needs, your current health status and lifestyle.

In the meantime, you can take this quiz to take a closer look at some of the symptoms you may be experiencing due to an overload of unprocessed toxins.

Let's create success and lasting change together!