I cracked a rib and the doctors told me it would be four to six weeks before I felt like doing anything. I came to Dr. Sweet to use her big laser (Erchonia FX635) and by the second treatment I was already feeling SOOO much better!

B Pollack, Cyclist


From Facebook:

We discovered the BEST chiropractor and "alternative" medicine gal, Dr. Jennifer Sweet! She listens and digs deep to find the cause of the problem - she figured out what was causing my hip pain! Then later she discovered that my "annual" illness was not bronchitis, but a virus, so she gave me some supplements that knocked that out and advised me on essential oils I could use to help too!

L Lopas

Fabulous Prescott Realtor and Prescott Car Care Owner

I have been to many chiropractors in my life and Dr. Sweet is top notch! I have know her for many years now and she is an excellent Chiropractic Doctor and a really neat lady. She and her staff really care about their patients and do all they can to help them feel better and be healthy. I recommend Next Level Chiropractic highly and frequently."

Cozette Smith, Critter Sitter and Caregiver

Chino Valley

Don't Take Our Word for It!

"My husband and I moved back to Northern California two years ago. One of the things I miss most about living in Arizona is Dr. Sweet and the Next Level Chiropractic Staff. Every visit was a pleasure and I left feeling refreshed both physically and emotionally. I know I was in good hands and appreciated the variety of wellness programs offered by Dr. Sweet. I have yet to find another chiropractor who was as thorough in diagnosing and treating my problem back. There is great chiropractic care available to you in Prescott, so please take advantage of the best at Next Level Chiropractic!"

Helen Pickens, Quilter

Former Chino Resident

"For 30 years, I've had a chronic neck problem that consists of an aching pain and lack of rotational ability. Specifically, my C-1 (Atlas) goes out of alignment and causes significant discomfort and the inability to turn my head to the right. Dr. Sweet is the only doctor I've found who consistently, without manual manipulation, is able to adjust my neck, giving me immediate relief of pain with significantly more rotational ability, and now I only require a follow up every few months. I'm grateful that I found Dr. Sweet, and I recommend her highly as your chiropractic care provider.

Michael Todd, Avid Golfer


"I have suffered with neuropathy in both feet and lower legs for years. Dr. Sweet's big laser really made a lasting difference! Well worth the cost to get my feet back!"

C Roskos

Chino Valley